AlphaFX24® Privacy and Security

Trading with AlphaFX24
AlphaFX24 views its customers security as vital to our site’s integrity. Not only have we put in place a variety of security measures to ensure that the usage of the AlphaFX24’s platform is safe, but we constantly update and evaluate the site to safeguard the financial and personal safety of all our traders.


Trading Safety Tips
When using AlphaFX24, or any online trading site, there are measures each trader should take to ensure their personal security:

Registration – We highly recommend that traders take extensive precautions to ensure that their usernames and passwords are not seen by any unauthorized persons. AlphaFX24 trader passwords are encrypted and cannot be seen by any AlphaFX24 personnel or staff. AlphaFX24 will under no circumstances ask a client to disclose their password. Any such request should be viewed by traders as a security breach and immediately reported to the customer care centre.

Password – AlphaFX24 AlphaFX24 recommends that traders use a combination of characters and digits that are hard to be deciphered. Traders would also be well-advised to periodically request a new password in order to maintain maximum security. If at any point a trader comes to believe that their password’s security has been compromised, they should immediately contact AlphaFX24’s customer care centre and change their password. Please do not share your password with anyone. Please note that you are the sole responsible for trading activity in your account.


Trading Privacy on AlphaFX24

Personal Information – AlphaFX24 promises that all our traders personal details and activities will never be used or sold to outside vendors. All activity and trading will remain private and secure at all times.

Encrypted Information – All the data shared between AlphaFX24 and our traders personal computers has been encrypted using a ‘128 bit ssl encryption certificate’. Secure information, such as passwords, is maintained in an encrypted format. The AlphaFX24 data tech staff oversees all internal activities, including systematic checks to ensure that the site’s security integrity is maintained.

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