Trade Cancelation

A trader may cancel an executed binary option trade during a three second window that follows trade execution. This functionality is limited by certain conditions:

Three (3) per day* for positions with trade duration** of one hour or longer.

For transactions with duration less than one hour: The lesser of three trades per day or twenty percent (20%) of all daily trades.

For short term trades: *** The lesser of three trades per day* or ten percent (10%) of all daily trades.

*Per Day (Daily) is defined on a 24 hour window- from 00:01 GMT to 00:00 GMT.

**Trade Duration is defined as the time interval between the execution time and close time.

*** Short terms Positions are defined as one minute, two minute or five minute binary options.

The Company reserves the right to amend or supplement these conditions at any time. In such case the Company will inform clients should any material change takes place.

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